Amico Infrastructures Inc. is a heavy civil contractor with broad expertise in excavation, sewers and underground services, and road construction. Amico utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and technology making it an innovative and efficient service provider.

Roads & Bridges

At Amico Infrastructures Inc., road construction services involve building new roads and improving existing roadways. Our construction services include grading, cut/fill operations, cement treated base stabilization, installing granular base course, and asphalt and concrete surface pavements. We also re-build, repair or strengthen existing bridges, build new bridges, culverts and grade separations and replace piers and abutments.Amico Infrastructures Inc. specializes in all aspects of parking lot construction including site preparation, grading and drainage, electrical servicing for lighting and signage as required and the installation of concrete curbs, sidewalks, asphalt and concrete pavements. We also provide markings and landscaping as required to create an attractive finished environment.

Bridge RehabilitationAmico Infrastructures known for our extensive experience in bridge rehabilitation and bridge maintenance. With an impressive history in bridge, culvert and grade separation rehabilitation, Amico surpasses the competition in completing a wide range of services which include:

  • New bridge construction
  • Dowel bar retrofit
  • Bituminous overlays
  • Restoration of drainage
  • Bridge crack sealing
  • Expansion joint repair
  • Bridge deck replacement
  • Seismic retrofit
  • Bridge scour and erosion countermeasures
  • Repair and realignment of bridge approaches


Bridge Rehabilitation
Road Construction & RehabilitationAt Amico Infrastructures Inc., we take great pride in our elaborate skills and expertise in road construction and rehabilitation. With over 23 years of experience, we are an ideal candidate for jobs such as:

  • New road construction
  • Full-depth road repair
  • Rebuilding roadways to super-elevate curves, to improve grades to lengthen horizontal curves, and to improve sight distances.
  • Resurfacing asphalt and concrete roadways
  • Curb, or curb and gutter construction
  • Modernizing intersections
  • Building flood control, flood prevention, and earthwork protective structures.
  • Reconstruction, restoration or rehabilitation of bridges, culverts or grade separations
  • Installing traffic signs and/or signal devices
  • Pavement crack sealing
  • Concrete chip and joint sealing and repair
  • Patching concrete
  • Shoulder resurfacing
  • Installation of new culverts, wash checks, baffles, drains, sewers, and catch basins
  • Retaining walls


Routine maintenance services include:

  • Snow and ice removal.
  • Patching and repairing bituminous, concrete, or brick roadway surfaces, including pothole patching.
  • Placing and grading new aggregate on existing gravel or stone surfaces to replace worn off original material.
  • Debris removal and landscape maintenance


Road Construction
Underground Servicing
Amico Infrastructures Inc.provides an extensive range of underground services to commercial and retail developments and residential lands including tie-ins to existing municipal services, installation of all underground sewers, watermains, pumping stations, storm water ponds and connections into buildings.
Roads & Bridges
Commercial Servicing
Amico Infrastructures Inc. has completed a number of commercial servicing projects including office buildings, big box retail centres, and commercial plazas. The company’s commercial servicing works include, but are not limited to:

  • Storm water storage and drainage including storm sewer installation, swale and ditch, and pumping stations.
  • Fire and potable water service installation and tie-ins
  • Sanitary sewer installation and tie-ins
Underground Servicing
Residential Servicing
With the continual need for residential development, Amico Infrastructures Inc. excels in services that include:

  • Installing new water distribution systems
  • Waste water conveyance systems
  • Storm water sewers, retention ponds, and pumping stations
Underground Servicing
Municipal Works
Municipal works services includes:

  • Working with municipal utilities commissions
  • Upgrading existing sewers
  • Installing new water service
  • Installing stormwater catchbasins, manholes, and storm water and sanitary pump stations
  • Subdrain systems
Underground Servicing
Stormwater Management
Amico Infrastructures Inc. stormwater management solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Culvert installation
  • Sewer and catchbasin installation
  • Pumping stations
  • Stormwater retention and detention ponds
  • Drain and ditch grading
  • Storm water detention basins
  • Water quality and quantity controls
Underground Servicing
Earth Moving
Every building and every road begins with earth moving. Amico has the ability to shape any landscape. The years of experience on thousands of projects ranging from subdivisions, commercial sites, municipal work, and provincial road work allows us to meet your construction and scheduling needs.As part of its heavy civil contracting expertise, Amico Infrastructures Inc.specializes in earthmoving and excavation. Amico offers a variety of services including foundation excavation, surface grading and ditch re-alignment.

This ability to be your full service excavating contractor is enabled by our large fleet of hydraulic excavators, loaders, bulldozers, road graders, compactors, articulating dump trucks, and demolition equipment.

Earth Moving
Cut / Fill (Excavation)
As a heavy civil contractor, excavation is our business. Amico Infrastructures Inc. is widely experienced in the preparation and grading of building pads as well as various concrete flatworks associated with residential, institutional, Big Box development, new commercial/retail development and site additions.Our key strength lies in our ability to coordinate all aspects of construction services to ensure a smooth, cohesive build out.
Cut / Fill
Surveying and Machine Controls
Amico Infrastructures Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art machine controls and surveying/layout technology. Using absolute locations provided by GPS, Amico can control grading and boundary layout with the push of a button. Through the use of these technologies, Amico has the ability to increase productivity and minimize error, therefore advancing schedule and adding value to all projects. It is this kind of forward thinking that sets Amico apart from its competitors.
Machine Controls
Soil Remediation
Amico has extensive experience working with poor soil conditions. Whether it is environmentally sensitive or unstable soils, Amico has the skill, experience, and equipment to work in all soils types. Environmental cleanup and working in soils that cannot reach necessary compaction is a costly undertaking. Drawing on experience and using the latest in soil stabilization technologies and practices, Amico can restore soils to clean conditions and provide soils adequate to build on.More recently, Amico Infrastructures Inc. completed a project that required remediating existing brownfield land. The Province of Ontario has a number of strict guidelines and protocol that govern the remediation process. Amico was able to remediate the soils to meet the required standard for site redevelopment, while following all of the necessary regulations to achieve clean soils.
Soil Remediation